5 Tips for a Safe & Fun Hot Tub Summer with Your Family

5 Tips for a Safe & Fun Hot Tub Summer with Your Family - Wave Spas Europe

We are all enjoying the lovely weather, with long days and short nights, no one can blame you for spending that extra hour soaking up the warmth in your hot tub. Keeping your family safe this summer is on top of our list and here are some hints and tips to keep you, your family and hot tub safe this summer!

Kid Safety in Hot Tub

A parent or guardian needs to be present at all times when children are using the hot tub. We recommend that the temperature be set to a low temperature and time in the hot tub limited to around 15 minutes.


Keep Away From Direct Sunlight 

Keep your hot tub in a shaded area to avoid bubbling of the liner. Prolonged direct sunlight exposure can compromise the integrity of the hot tub liner material

Maintain Hot Tub & Chemicals 

Ensure that the hot tub is cleaned and ready for summer fun. Check chemicals daily to ensure safety for your family and the hot tub. Use test strips daily to monitor your chemicals and the best part is this will only take you a few minutes making sure not to delay any of the tubbing fun times.


Make It Fun- Accessorise

Make it a party, come up with a 2022 Summer theme and create memories with your family! Add some inflatable toys and make the hot tub session colourful, vibrant and fun!

Stay Hydrated

It is important that you keep hydrated while out in the hot tub, keep bottles of water or a refreshing jug of lemonade to keep cool!

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