Warranty Information


Our warranties are valid for official purchases directly from Wave Spas and official third-party EU Retailers.

Wave Spas will not cover any warranties for products purchased from unauthorized retailers. Wave Spas warranties are automatically activated the day your order is delivered.

Purchased directly from Wave Spas website?

Customers that have purchased directly from the Wave Spas website don’t have to get in touch with the Customer Services team to register their warranty. Your warranty is automatically activated the day you receive the parcel for delivery.

Purchased from an official EU retailer?  

If you have purchased your hot tub from an authorized retailer, please get in touch with the customer services team at support@wavespas.com with the following information:

  • Proof of purchase with the purchase date clearly visible. If ordered online, proof of delivery showing the delivery date clearly.
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Type of hot tub

Once the customer services team has all this information we register your details on the system and provide you with a unique customer ID.

How long is the warranty? 

Wave Spas offers 3 months warranty on inflatable accessories, this includes inflatable covers and inflatable headrests.

6 months warranty on the liner and top cover, this includes replacement liners purchased separately on the website.

12 months on the heater unit, only.

Wave Spas offers warranty extension services that extend your warranty for up to 1 year. The Wave Spas 1 year warranty extensions offered are: 
Inflatable Hot Tub Warranty Extension
Rigid Foam Hot Tub Warranty Extension
Hi-Pressure/ Drop Stitch Hot Tub Warranty Extension

Please note that extended warranties can't be purchased separately.

Claiming under warranty? 

Warranties are paused when customer service is notified of a fault and reactivated the day the issue is resolved.

Once a warranty claim has been opened and the customer doesn’t respond to emails regarding a resolution within 2 weeks, that claim will be closed and the warranty reactivated.

Hot tubs purchased second-hand will not be covered under warranty.

Warranties are not restarted when a replacement item has been sent out to the customer, the warranty is only reactivated.

Warranties only cover manufacturing faults, any wear and tear or damage caused by mistake will not be covered.

Once a customer has reported a fault to customer services, the customer will be taken through simple troubleshooting steps to locate the source of the fault. Warranty claims have to be accompanied by visual evidence in the form of photos/videos showing the fault clearly. No warranty replacement claims will be processed without visual evidence of fault.

If you have received a faulty item, you are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of receipt of the item. Please contact support@wavespas.com to be advised on the return for refund process.

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