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Welcome to our full collection of portable outdoor hot tubs. From great value inflatable hot tubs to luxury energy saving foam rigid hot tubs, we have spas to suit all budgets and tastes, you'll be sure to find the perfect choice here at Wave Spas.

Rigid Eco Foam Spas

Foam insulation is a game-changer for hot tubs, and our new foam spas are leading the charge. The new foam core at the heart of our new models means the hot tub is up to 50% more thermally efficient giving you cheaper bills whilst being better for the environment. 

The new foam spas are made up of 3 models: the Garda, the Tahoe and the Como. Each featuring a different shape, and available in a range of 4 styles.

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4 Person | 160x70cm | 63x27"
6 Person | 180x70cm | 71x27"

4 Person | 156x70cm | 61x27"
6 Person | 184x70cm | 72x27"

6 Person | 195x70cm | 77x27"






Woven UV-protected PVC construction with PU-insulated foam core

Woven UV-protected PVC construction with PU-insulated foam core

Woven UV-protected PVC construction with PU-insulated foam core

Massage System

70/90 Bubble Jet massage system

70/90 Bubble Jet massage system

90 Bubble Jet massage system

Split the Payment

From €399,98*

From €374,98*

From €424,98*

40°C Rapid Heating System

You and your friends and family can relax in perfectly warm waters all year round: you can set the temperature to your taste with our fully adjustable heater

70/90 Bubble Jet Massage System

Ease aching muscles as you relax into bubbly bliss while our unique Bubble Jet massage system releases thousands of bubbles

50% More Thermally Efficient

Our new Rigid Eco Foam Spas are up to 50% better at retaining heat than other portable spas, meaning you use less energy

Tool Free Set Up

Anyone can set up a Wave Rigid Eco Foam Spa at home within 30 minutes


More thermally efficient

Wave's Rigid Eco Foam Spas use Wave's signature foam core, meaning that not only can we create fantastic looking designs, but they're much cheaper to run


Quieter running experience

We're the first brand to fully integrate our heater into the walls of our spas, meaning you can relax in an oasis of tranquility

What size is best? Which spa should I choose? How much does it cost to heat? What shape should I choose? Rigid Eco Foam or Inflatable spa? Which would look best in my outdoor space?