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How To Solve an E3/E6 Error Message on Your Heater

The word 'Troubleshooting' may sound intimidating and it may make you feel like your hot tub is faulty and there is no saving it! We are here to tell you that having to go through troubleshooting doesn't mean the end for your tub! The simple definition of troubleshooting is solving a problem by finding the source and resolving it. We would like to share step by step details on how you can clear the error code.

Now, you have stepped out to enjoy your hot tub and you are met with a beeping E3/E6 error and no matter how many times you unplug the unit from the socket, you are constantly met with the same error code, beep, beep, beep.

Why am I getting the error in the first place? 

The E3/E6 can suggest that your heating unit is finding it hard to heat up. Troubleshooting helps clear the error code or reveal the source of the problem so that can be resolved. You could have missed a step during setup or your liner could have bent tubes causing water flow to become restricted. 

How to clear the error? 

Step 1: Remove the filter cartridge and check if you can feel water flowing freely from the lower inlet/outlet. You can do this by placing your hand over the area whilst the heater unit is running. 

Step 2: Clean the filter and the filter housing unit thoroughly using Wave Hot Tub Filter Cleaner as this should be clear of all debris. 

Step 4: Now that the filter is clean, let it sit for 2 minutes and then reset the heater unit by pressing the filter button (resembling a DNA helix) down for 10 seconds.

Please ensure that water is between the minimum and maximum line. Maintaining your hot tub will ensure that you have a fully functioning hot tub. Take some time to clean your filter and check your chemicals on a daily basis.


At this point the error code should be cleared - if the Error message persists, this could suggest that your liner has constricted tubes.

For a step-by-step guide on remedying the issue of constricted tubes, please head over to our other How-To guides to make your tubbing experience as pain-free as possible!

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