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How to Reduce Your Hot Tub Running Costs

How to Reduce Your Hot Tub Running Costs - Wave Spas Europe

With energy bills set to rise in the UK by April 2022, we’ve got some hints and tips on how to reduce your hot tub heating costs, and keep your electricity bills down whilst still enjoying your Wave Hot Tub.

We've estimated the cost to maintain your hot tub temperature at 40℃ is approximately 30p per hour, if you follow the hints and tips below;


Insulating your hot tub with a Wave Spa inflatable hot tub cover will help reduce the amount of electricity you will need to use to keep your hot tub at an ambient temperature. Using a combination of the inflatable hot tub cover, a foam base groundsheet, bubble mat liners, liner insulators, heater unit covers will keep your hot tub warmer for longer and reduce heating costs overall. Our hot tub accessories are currently on offer – so you can get 3 for 2 on all your thermal efficient accessories today!

Check out our Insulated  Foam Base Hot Tub Mat, available in a wide range of sizes for all hot tub shapes. The most convenient hack for hot tub insulation to keep your monthly running costs low.


If you plan on using your hot tub every day, it’s best to keep your heater unit running 24/7 . Turning off your heater unit after use will cause the water temperature to drop drastically and you would have to reheat the water the next day from cold, this will use more energy to reheat from cold, compared to if you had left it running. We advise that you set the temperature to low (approx 30℃) when not in use. If you do not use your hot tub regularly, it is more cost-effective to switch your heater off. 


You won't believe the difference in heating costs if you turn your hot tub temperature down by just 2℃ degrees. Most people like to keep their hot tubs around 38℃ / 40℃ degrees but turning it down a few degrees can help keep the bills down.


Having a clean, high-functioning hot tub will help keep your running costs down. Make sure that your filter is cleaned and checked regularly, and ensure that hot tub water is always balanced with the correct chemical levels. If there is debris or you have irregular PH levels in your hot tub your filtration system will have a weak water flow, resulting in the filter and pump working twice as hard.


Lightweight and portable and just as easy to install as an inflatable hot tub, our eco-friendly, rigid foam hot tubs are 50% more thermally efficient than conventional hot tubs, reducing your energy consumption, retaining heat, and help to keep your bills down - making them an ideal choice for colder months. 

*Please note, this calculation is based on the average UK/USA cost of p/¢ per kWh. This price will vary depending on your electricity provider. Please check for an updated price with your electrical supply company if you need to calculate more detailed usage costs.*

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