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Getting Your Wave Spa Ready for Winter

Getting Your Wave Spa Ready for Winter - Wave Spas Europe

First thing’s first

We just wanted to point out that plenty of people love using their Wave Spa all year round. In fact, several of us at Wave HQ prefer winter use. What could be better than sitting in a warm tub with friends on a cold starry night?

If you would like to use your Wave Spa all year round and keep it in the best condition then you should follow these handy tips.

Don’t just forget about your tub

If you just forget about your spa over the winter you could end up regretting it come spring time. If the temperature drops water could freeze inside your heater and damage it. If you are going to go long periods without using your spa, you should pack it away to spa another day.

Filter mode is your friend

If you’re not using your spa for a few days, just put the heater into filter mode – this will cycle the water through your heater and stop it freezing and damaging the unit.

Ensure you’re set for winter

Make sure that your tub is as thermally efficient as possible by keeping it on level ground and insulating it as much as possible – you could think about using our Wave Spa Floor Protector mats and thermal covers. This will have the added benefit of keeping your bills down too.

Keep it clean

You should make sure that your Wave Spa is kept clean over winter – as with any other time of year debris and dirt can damage your heater.

The best way to do this is to ensure that you are regularly changing your filters and also keep on top of your chemical routine – why not check our guide to spa chemicals to make sure that you’re on the right track?

Enjoy it

We want you to enjoy using your spa all year round – if you have any questions please feel free to contact us or use #wavespas to share the fun.

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