Wave Direct Creates 15 Jobs, Opening Office in Newcastle City Centre

Wave Direct Creates 15 Jobs, Opening Office in Newcastle City Centre - Wave Spas Europe

April 2021 - The move has already created 15 diverse new positions across the company with room for further team expansion.

Wave Direct, a spa retailer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, has recently outgrown its humble townhouse office in Shieldfield and upgraded to its 3-story headquarters just off Northumberland Street.  

The impressive move has created a collaborative space for growth, a host of new in-house positions and honed in on the opportunity to broaden the wheelhouse of their already dedicated employees.

Wave Direct's Collaborative New Office Space in NE1 Location

Alongside working with QA Apprenticeships to enlist budding talent from the graphic design industry – the new office has also created the space for in-house internships for part time staff looking to branch out into other departments and cultivate invaluable industry skills alongside their studies.

In wake of the launch of their innovative new website back in March, Wave have bold plans for expanding into new markets across the globe, whilst keeping Newcastle at the centre of it all. The new office has allowed Wave Direct to capitalise on Newcastle’s unique position as a cosmopolitan space in the often-homogenous North East.  

Through enlisting the efforts of a multi-national team, space has been made for in-house translators for international marketing content such as the upcoming launch of the UAE site, in-house Mandarin speakers on the product purchasing team, all hired with the aim of representing diverse talent from within Tyne and Wear and accelerating local industry.  

Another huge bonus of the move has been the opportunity to consolidate strong customer bonds with their growingly loyal clientele. Wave's Head of Wave Customer Services has dedicated an area of the office for an in-house repairs service to bring a customer-facing contact point to the thus far faceless company.  

As well as this, the Customer Service team has kickstarted a social media wing within the department to expand Wave’s accessibility to customers, taking the success of the previous year and reinvesting in customer relations whilst incentivising in-house staff to prosper within their field.

"Our aim from the beginning was to create a family within the Customer Service Department and present that to our customers. The move has enabled me to expand my team and tailor specific areas of the department to specific channels so that we can direct customer complaints to the right people. I didn’t want those typical customer service quandaries to be roadblocks to our customers’ satisfaction, nor to our success." - Head of Customer Services

Always aiming for growth whilst staying true to their family-friendly brand:

"Wave hope to continue in its successes and to continue providing a diverse range of job opportunities for the people of Newcastle" says Wave's MD. 

Check out their new site for innovative features such as augmented reality, user-generated product galleries and affordable spa products: 

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