A New Wave of Entrepreneurial Spirit in the North East

A New Wave of Entrepreneurial Spirit in the North East - Wave Spas Europe
From humble, local beginnings to being crowned Spa Retailer of the Year 2020 in the prestigious UK Pool and Spa Awards, Wave has shown that we can contend with leisure industry giants whilst retaining a local flare.

Supplying luxury spas on a friendly budget, our team at Wave are continuing to expand as demand for our products has spread from the UK to America, to the EU and soon the UAE. Based in the North East, an area that fell from economic powerhouse to being perceived as a post-industrial wasteland, Wave has committed to showing that budding enterprise continues to thrive in Tyne and Wear. Founded in 2017 by two best friends, we have surpassed the expectations of others and of ourselves. Despite a £13 million turnover in 2020, 2700% over our projected goal, our family-based identity is still at the core of our company ethos.

Budding Enterprise Continues To Thrive In Tyne And Wear

Wave believes that representing the luxury spa experience and pushing for a personable, customer-focused identity are not mutually exclusive. We maintain close connections with our loyal customers via our socials, who have journeyed alongside Wave during our growth, and been rewarded for their loyalty in the process. Running regular giveaways, such as our ‘Perfect Date’ competition for Valentine’s Day, we want to encourage our customers to shop luxury whilst shopping local. 

Wave Customers Love Their Spas

Like many companies across the world, 2020 brought curveballs in abundance. Whilst demand for the socially-distanced spa experience boomed, our stock levels received more than a shock-dose. The challenges posed by committing to our shipment projections have taught us that above all, consecrating strong customer bonds remains at the forefront of Wave’s identity. Where we have met bumps in the road, we have recognised the importance of reassurance, accessibility and above all, heart.

We want to prove that growth in surplus does not need to equate to growth in ego, and can in fact mean personal growth for Wave as a brand. Alongside our paddleboard range, we have recently launched a line of more sustainable hot tubs for the environmentally-conscious consumer. From SUPS to gazebos, the sky's the limit, providing we monitor our footprint in the process.  

Sustainable Foam Rigid Inflatable Hot Tubs

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