How to Host the Perfect Hot Tub Party

The start of summer is fast approaching, which means only one thing… IT’S SPARTY TIME! 

I know what you’re thinking. Is it possible to throw the perfect party? If you’ve got a Wave Spa, then we think so! Whether you’re having a casual backyard BBQ, hosting a wild hot tub hen do, or even planning an elegant soirée, a hot tub is a pretty awesome place to do it! So why not celebrate the arrival (or reinflation) of your shiny new spa and plan a party your friends will never forget! 

Pick a Theme 

 Everyone knows the best hot tub parties have a theme! It’s important to pick your theme before anything else as it’ll most likely provide a framework for the rest of your party. Picture it as the ‘glue’ that holds your party together. You can decide how far you’ll take your theme, but we always recommend going all in! 

Hot Tub Party Theme Ideas: 
  • Tropical Beach Party
  • Luau Party
  • Baywatch / Surfing
  • 4th July
  • Cocktail Party
  • Game Night (With Water Proof Cards)
  • Funny Swimwear  
For the kids: 
  • Pirates 
  • Under the Sea 
  • Mermaids 
  • Cinema 


Everyone Loves Decorations

Set the mood and let your guest know how big of a splash they’re in for with bright colourful decorations that match your theme. From beach balls to balloons, here’s are a couple of fun ideas to make your party look picture perfect.

Drinks (There’s no Party Without Them)

Having a good selection of alcoholic beverages is key to any party, particularly a hot tub one. When it’s time to don the swimwear and dive in, your guest may be feeling a little bashful. Help them loosen up a little with a selection of fruity cocktails or some ice cool beer. If you’re wondering what cocktails to offer your guests, check out ‘Tub Tipples, Top 5 Summer Cocktails to Enjoy in your Wave Spa.’

Once your guests have enough Dutch courage to dunk, we’d always advise having some iced water on handy. (Your hot tub water can dehydrate you, so excessive alcohol isn’t the greatest mixer!) Remember to always use plastic or polycarbonate cups / glasses while using your jacuzzi spa. Broken glass in the hot tub is enough to ruin any good party. To avoid spilling any of the good stuff, why not accessorise your spa with our handy drink holders.


Supply the Tunes

A solid playlist can definitely make the difference between a good hot tub party and a great one. Make sure to prep your playlist before hand and ask your guests for requests. If you’re struggling to create your own, click the link and head over to our Spotify. We have a ready made Sparty playlist for you to blast on your speaker.


 Don’t Forget Pre/ Post Dip Nibbles 

Your guests are bound to get a little peckish, so make sure you provide the goods. Heavy, stodgy, or spicy foods aren’t a great combo for swimsuits and relaxing in hot water, so we recommend keeping your snacks simple and light. Finger food is always a great choice- easy to make / buy, easy to serve and even easier to eat! If you want to get super creative, you could even make the food match your party theme.

Let me Entertain you

Of course your hot tub is the main attraction, but entertaining your guests with some fun party / drinking games is sure to make it a memorable night. Hot tub lights, waterproof cards, floating tables, and fun inflatables can be easily purchased online are sure to spice up any get-together.


Before and Aftercare (Boring but Essential for a Good Time)

Be sure your spa is in good shape before and after you invite everyone over. Use our 3 in 1 water test strips to check that your spa water is safe to use. Give the hot tub a shock the night before your party to ensure to water is clean and crystal clear.

For more information on how to add chemicals to your spa water, read our Hot Tub Chemical Guide.

We always advise changing your filter and draining the water after a hot tub party. This allows you to clean the liner and ensure no food, alcohol or unwanted debris stays in the spa. For more advice on how to clean your hot tub check out our blog post.


 Top Tips:
  • Keep extra towels on hand
  • Set up a designated drinks station close to your hot tub
  • Stay hydrated
  • Let the neighbours know that you’re hosting (or I guess you could invite them)
  • Keep your guests comfortable with our party perfect comfort pack and inflatable seat cushions 
  • Make everyone jealous and share photos of your party on Instagram (don’t forget to tag us @wavespas)

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