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Hot Tub During Pregnancy: a Danger or a Delight?

Hot Tub During Pregnancy: a Danger or a Delight? - Wave Spas Europe

Can pregnant women use hot tubs? It’s certainly possible, whether it’s advisable depends on who you ask. The Finnish, for example, are huge advocates of tubbing during pregnancy. They believe relaxation via jacuzzi and sauna use is paramount in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Whereas UK medical practices are more dubious in advocating increased body temperatures, especially during the first trimester.


Can you go in a hot tub when pregnant?

Very rarely in the medical field is the jury completely out, but with little to no information from the UK Teratology Information Service, and with it remaining a fairly unresearched area, it is truly difficult to say.

Hot tubs are lovely. They’re warm, they’re therapeutic, they’re exactly what one craves when their back is aching, their limbs feel tender and baby brain is sending you into hysteria. However, submerging yourself in hot water will inevitably cause a rise in core temperature that could be harmful to your child in the more formative stages of the pregnancy.


Why can’t pregnant women go in hot tubs?

For those not necessarily scientifically inclined, let’s break it down simply. If you overheat, more blood flows to your skin to help your body cool down via perspiration. Essentially, your blood flow is preoccupied, meaning less blood flow to internal organs (such as your brain).

 Of course water-based activities such as exercises at antenatal classes are relatively commonplace throughout pregnancy, but these activities would always occur on the provision that the temperature does not exceed 32°C. All of our Wave Spas are fitted with adjustable thermostats that can be manually altered to match your preference, so the worlds of tubbing and gestation do not have to be separate.


Hot tub while pregnant during first trimester

 Despite no direct correlation between birth defects and hot tub use, overheating in the first trimester does have associations with spinal cord and brain defects – and it is always best to err on the side of caution when carrying your little one. Stagnant bodies of warm water can also be a breeding ground for a plethora of bacteria, therefore regular maintenance and constant monitoring will be great for your peace of mind. At Wave we believe mums-to-be shouldn’t scrimp on life’s luxuries, but that they should do so with caution and ensure your water chemistry is properly balanced via our 3-in-1 Test Strips.

 As advised by Yvonne Butler Tobah (M.D) – avoiding sitting near the inlet that provides newly heated water, don’t submerge your head or upper limbs and please, please PLEASE, do not tub unattended. Your sense of balance is only going to worsen further into the pregnancy, and slipping in 220 gallons of water is truly no joke.


In summation: Can you go in a hot tub pregnant? Yes. Are hot tubs safe when pregnant? If you comply with the aforementioned guidelines, sure! Hot tub relaxation shouldn’t be a luxury with limits, but there are always dos and don’ts. For further information about hot tub suitability, head over to our post on who should and should not use hot tubs.

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