Large Round Insulating Foam Mat, Floor Protector (16 Pieces)

Pay 3 instalments of €26,65 with

Simple to assemble and completely portable, our hot tub foam bases offer the ultimate solution for hassle-free hot tub insulation.

Our groundsheets not only safeguard your hot tub from potential tears and punctures but also help retain heat effectively.

To accommodate various spa sizes, our hot tub foam bases are available in different quantities. Adding or removing them is a seamless and quick process, allowing you to customise your insulation effortlessly.

*Compatible with all of our round 4-6 person hot tubs.

(Dimensions for 1 Piece: 51 x 51cm x 10mm - Dimensions for 16 Pieces: 200 x 200 cm x 10mm)  with jigsaw style edge design for compact assembly.

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